Non Green Beauty Brands And Products I miss

I wanted to include some pictures of the beauty products mentioned in this post but I no longer own any of these products. I also didn’t want to use random photos for this post. Moreover, they don’t fit my lifestyle anymore so I don’t see the need to give them any more attention.

It’s been said many times on this blog that going green and living an organic and sustainable lifestyle has been the best thing I have done for myself. Nevertheless, it hasn’t necessarily been the easiest thing. It’s been particularly hard when it came to letting go of the products that I’ve had and loved for the longest time.

We’ve all had our favorite products and then there are the holy grail products that we absolutely cannot live without. For me, finding products that actually work on my skin is difficult and so when I find the ones I love, I tend to hold dear until my skin begins to revolt. I’ll be honest, there are still some items that I miss using/having. For some of these products, I often struggle not to repurchase them each time I pass by the aisle where they are. I am still working on finding alternatives or even better replacements for them and I am loving the process.

So here are the products/brands that I miss since I switched to living natural and using only green beauty/skincare products: 

Hair removal creams:

As someone who hates waxing (I barely survive waxing my brows once a month), shaving creams are heaven sent.  I have still not mastered the act of shaving with razors and so I depended hugely on shaving creams. I truly appreciated the ability to easily rub on and wipe off those hairs without the pain of waxing or fear of cutting with razors.

My favorites hair removal creams were from Nair and Veet. These two products I particularly struggle not to purchase in stores especially now as summer comes and I can’t hide underneath my thick winter clothing haha. I have looked for all natural/toxic free hair removal creams but haven’t seen; they are mostly all harsh chemicals which I avoid. So now I am forced to master the act of razor hair removals because let’s be honest, you will probably never catch me waxing my legs or even underarms. That pain is for the birds, girl!

Maybelline Foundation

Ugh. This one low-key used to hurt me. Although I am not a big makeup person, I am trying to at least learn to use foundations here and there for that even and flawless look. For the longest time, I went from store to store, brand to brand looking for a foundation but never found one that matched my skin tone as perfectly as I wanted. After multiple trials and errors, countless frustrating experiences, I was tired.

I eventually tried the Maybelline poreless fit me foundations and was sold. That foundation felt like my own skin. I found myself using it every Sunday (the only day I wear makeup to look a little cuter for church). So when I threw away these foundations, it hurt me pretty well. I knew I was in for a brand new struggle of finding foundations that work for my skin. Being a black woman who is always in between shades, it was hard finding conventional products, it’s even harder finding green makeups now. The struggle is really real!

Maybelline Miss Manga Mascara

This so far still remains my favorite mascara of all time. I am still looking for a mascara to unseat it from that title. I have never worn false lashes but this mascara always gave me that false lashes feel. I have short and very curled up lashes but this mascara always made such a huge difference with elongating my natural lashes. Throwing this mascara away was painful. I am still looking for a mascara to give me that elongated, full yet individual lash look that the Miss Manga gave me. So far I have only tried the Physician’s Formula mascara which has been doing the job but i need more! More, more, more!

Milani Lipsticks!

Ladies and gentlemen, can you just cry with me on this one? This one hurt me bad. I discovered Milani makeup when they first launched and barely had a presence on Instagram. I fell in love with their lipsticks the first time i tried it on and eventually went out to purchase more shades. Their lipsticks were perfect for a student like me who wanted something great but also affordable. For less than $6 each, it was a steal. Throwing these lipsticks away was brutal. Ugh. Their nude lipsticks matched me so perfectly and even the red and orange/peach color was the perfect shade for my caramel skin tone. I am still looking for the perfect replacement in terms of consistency and haven’t found any yet.

Avon Powder

Before I started even wearing foundation, I used Avon powder. It did the job of evening out my skin tone when I didn’t even know what foundations were. I have only found one powder that gives me that perfecting finish look and also keeps my oil at bay. However, it’s not as great as the Avon powder was for me. So I’m still looking.

Jergens body lotion

Up until last year, I didn’t have issues with ashiness. I guess you can tell I’m growing older so I am getting ashy when I go without lotion. Nothing else has kept my skin moisturized without making me look like a grease ball (not even my DIY body lotion). Jergens did the job for me. I love feeling moisturized but  I hate looking oiled up. I have purchased some body lotions from my local coop store but they haven’t been moisturizing enough for me even when I apply them generously. So I am still looking. I might have to revert to my  DIY lotion and whip it till I make one that works well.

Neutrogena naturals face scrub

This product was my holy grain face scrub. I used it daily and it really did keep every impurity away. I never had black heads or large pores when I was using this product. If there’s one product I want to bring back so badly, it’ll definitely be this one. Knowing what I know now, I don’t trust the “natural” marketing strategy. It is quite green washed and I actually stopped buying this product randomly before I fully learnt about greenwashing. However, I miss this product greately.

Let me reiterate: although I miss all the products mentioned in this post, I do not regret my decision to switch to this clean beauty and toxic-free lifestyle. It is my goal to ensure that those switching to a cleaner lifestyle understand that it won’t always be easy. Hence the need for me to be honest with my own journey and struggles. You will find products that work for you, but it might take time and some trial and errors. There are thousands if not millions of natural and organic beauty brands and products out there. It just takes trying and discovering.

So don’t give up! I am not giving up.  I will keep trying and reviewing products here to make the journey easier and smoother for us all.

?Beauty and Skincare should be toxic-free.?



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