Why I’m beauty blogging again

why i'm beauty bloggingIf you’ve observed, the beauty blogging contents on this blog and on my social medias hit an all time low this summer. While I never officially pulled the plug on it, I was barely posting anything skincare related. I was conflicted. I couldn’t quit resolve the fact that on the one hand, I was encouraging you to simplify life, to buy less and to choose well yet on the other hand, I was showing you all the amazing skincare products which could ultimately lead you to buying them.

Around the same time, my skin was struggling. If you know be before 2017, you would know that I have had healthy spotless skin since I was a teenager. I never struggled with breakouts, acne, or skin imperfections. All of that changed last year for reasons still unknown. My skin was revolting and I just couldn’t figure out what the issue was. After trying so many products, I decided that perhaps the solution was to give my skin a break. I needed to stop trying out so many skincare products which is the core of beauty blogging. Since I was giving my skin a breather from all the skincare mess, I realized that I just didn’t have any skincare contents to post. Together with the aforementioned conflict, made the decision to quit beauty blogging.

With skincare products out of the way, I was fine for a while. Focusing my blog on minimalism and slow living was great. It brought me joy and a level of contentment that I hadn’t had in a while. It allowed me focus more on intentionality and authenticity. Yet, at the back of my mind, I felt something was missing. I just didn’t feel like my work was complete.

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Last week, while I was having lunch, the sun hit me right through my kitchen window. It was the harsh sunlight that I usually take my product photos with. It was nostalgic. I quickly ran to my bathroom, picked out some skincare products, set up my camera and took some amazing shots. I hadn’t seen my face lit up so brightly in so long. THIS brought me joy. Product photography made me happy. Product photography was once my escape and hobby. So how did I reach a point where I was running away from it?

Well, I realized that I had let social media get in the way. I had failed to create boundaries. Somehow, I had allowed my self to be solely responsible for the people who followed me on social media. I thougt that by merely posting and talking about skincare products, I was encouraging consumerism. This was so far from the truth and definitely far from my intention. I had not only taken responsibility for my posts but for how others interpreted it too. So while I missed product photography and talking about skincare, I knew that If I were to give this another shot, I’ll have to do things differently this time.

I weighed the pros and cons of doing beauty blogging again. The pros seemed to outweigh the cons.

So here’s why I am choosing to resume beauty blogging again:

  1. because I love product photography
  2. I wan to rebuild a healthy conversation on skincare and beauty especially for women of color
  3. to help small indie beauty brands tell their story visually
  4.  because I’ve learned that my posting about skincare product isn’t an automatic coercion for you to acquire everything I own
  5. to encourage a minimalist approach to skincare
  6. to talk about natural skincare and achieve HEALTHY (not flawless) skin naturally
  7. because I want to continue to hold beauty brands accountable for their disregard for women of color in the (green) beauty industry.

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How did I make the decision to return to beauty blogging again? Well, as I focused my energy on minimalism and eco friendly living, I found myself following a lot of eco-conscious fashion bloggers. Something stood out to me: they were doing the same thing I want to do with beauty products. What slow fashion bloggers do is show people that you can be fashionable and enjoy fashion responsibly. You can enjoy putting outfits together and enhancing your looks without actively contributing to the mess that is fast fashion. That is what I want to show- with beauty.

I want to show that you can take care of your skin naturally. I want to show that minimal skincare routine is possible and that packing on skincare products doesn’t guarantee healthy skin. Also important to me is to help showcase the small natural beauty brands who are thoughtful and conscious about ethically sourcing their ingredients. I can do all of these to the best of my ability while still encouraging conscious consumption when it comes to beauty products.

What’s changed now?

If you followed me for my minimalism lifestyle posts, those are not going anywhere. My blog is basically returning to where it was few months ago. Still a blog on minimalism, intentional and slow living as well as on organic skincare. I want to bring minimalist skincare and beauty to the fore. I want to show that you can take a minimalist approach to beauty. It’s important to me that we start having a healthy conversation about skincare that doesn’t revolve around consumerism.

I hope you continue to walk this path with me.

Always with love,





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  • I understand your concerns about the balance between minimalism and beauty blogging, but as, you said, it’s totally possible to do it in a sustainable and ethical way. What’s more, it’s even helpful as being informed about products and ingredients just help us become smarter shoppers.

    I think it’s a great decision and can’t wait for more beauty posts from you. You always introduce me to new, interesting brands and I love your aesthetic and photos:)