Of Authenticity & September Intentions


I’ve been theming my months recently and quite frankly, it has been really helpful to me. Theming my months allow me to pay closer attention to areas of my life that I need to work on. This month, I am choosing authenticity. My goal is to learn and find the strength to be authentic.

August was quite eventful. I did my best to work on my August intentions. I tried. Like I have mentioned previously on trying change, the least I can do is to try and put in my 100%. So with August, I tried. I took regular walks, I ran, I wandered into nature and allowed myself to do the things I loved. Above all, I was present and lived every moment.

Here are My September Intentions

Be Authentic. Be Patient

Erin Loechner puts it well:

“Authenticity is not the watering down of your message to help someone accept your words. Authenticity is simply trying to find the kindest way to tell the whole truth.”

With more people being aware of my lifestyle, I have felt slightly judged. For that reason, I find myself almost not wanting to speak on minimalism and my decision to eat a plant-based diet to anyone outside this blog. I know that I cannot continue to hide any aspects of my life for fear of being accepted or mostly fear of others feeling like I judge their decision and lifestyle. In hiding who I am, I am only not cultivating authentic friendships and relationships.

Embracing authenticity is living a life based on my values- embracing a slower life and seeking simplicity- and not being ashamed or silenced. Authenticity is not compromising or hiding parts of my life in order to be accepted by people. I hold back on speaking on the ills of consumerism or the lies sold to us by the meat industry for fear of offending people. I will no longer do this, but I will at least learn to speak on this is the most compassionate way.

In September, I will be more patient. With myself and with people. I need more patience. Patience for when I fail, for when I lack motivation, for when I feel less than. Essentially, I need to be more compassionate with myself. Patience to allow me to embrace authenticity because this is important.

Take more pictures and practice self-portraiture

In the bid to do more of what makes me happy, I have embraced photography. I really love how soothing and relaxing photography has become for me. While most of my work has been on product photography, food photography and self-portraiture has captured my heart. I want to get better at taking lifestyle images, to capture moments and truly learn to work my camera.

Capture & Collect Moments

One of the great benefits of living slowly is learning to take the time to live in the present and savor experiences. This month, I want to pay close attention to documenting the life and capture little moments that would otherwise be overlooked. I am essentially “collecting moments”, allowing myself to live in season and appreciate the opportunity to have experienced this. For most of my life like many people, I have often prayed and wished for unpleasant seasons to go away. I’m learning that that’s not how life works. Life isn’t always meant to be pleasant. I must learn to appreciate each season. To do this, I believe staying conscious of little moments in each season helps and capturing them.

Fall Back in A Mindful Routine

Not just a routine, but a routine that works. Through the summer, I did my best to not stray too far away from my usual school time routine. I took most of the tips that I shared in this post and it really worked. With a new class schedule, combining full-time work, managing this blog and the social media accounts that come with it, I am hoping to work out a routine that works for me. I am hoping not just to fall back in a routine but to find a mindful routine, one that doesn’t wear me out but allows me time to prioritize goals while still taking care of my self.

Exercise Regularly, Stretch More, Lose 5 lbs

I have been “slim thick” for most of my life; I have also tried so hard to lose weight many times. For this reasons, my weight has fluctuated for most of my adult life. My goal is to bring back fitness into my routine. I am setting a measurable goal to lose 5 lbs, working out at least 3x/week and include more stretchings to boost muscle flexibility.

That’s it, folks! I wish you an awesome September ahead. PSA: I am planning a 90 day declutter/minimalism challenge if anyone is interested. It starts in October and will run through December so you start 2019 clear and decluttered. Join my Live Well, Simplify facebook group for more. And follow me on Instagram for the prompts.

What are you being more intentional about in September? Make your own Intentions list!



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