Current All-Natural Skincare Favourites.

all natural skincare favoritesOh my! I remember when I used to have a monthly skincare favorite? Those were the days when I actively splurged on skincare. While I still enjoy trying new skincare products and seeing what’s out there, I don’t particularly find myself going out of my way to buy new products just because. I am really trying to be more intentional with my purchase and that includes skincare purchases. However, that doesn’t stop me from sharing products I’m loving when I have them!

Back in May, I did a one-month minimal skincare challenge. Basically, I challenged myself to use only select 10 skincare products. I wanted to give my skin some time to rest. Using only a few products would also allow me to imagine what life would be like should I decide to declutter my skincare. I enjoyed the minimal challenge. Some of the products shared in this post were used regularly for the challenge.

Disclaimer: These favorites posts are not intended for you to purchase items you don’t need. I am very much an advocate of intentional purchases so be sure that you’re only buying any of these items because you need them. 🙂

Anyways, Here we go with the skincare favorites.

affordable organic skincare

Mad Hippie Facial SPF

I can’t believe I once assumed black people didn’t need sunscreen. Let me just say this, IT IS A LIE! Black people do need sunscreen and are also susceptible to skin cancer and UVA/UVB damage. I received this SPF in PR four months ago and I absolutely love it. Mad Hippie is one of those affordable green beauty brands that also make products that work. This sunscreen applies so evenly onto the skin. It doesn’t leave any white or grey residue on your skin at all. I have used it with and without makeup and it sits on well. I really love that this product has carrot seed oil which is a moisturizing oil. Carrot oil also has antioxidant properties which can help fight against sun damage. So you’re getting the SPF benefit and some moisturization as well! But it here $17

REN Skincare Micro Polish Cleanser

This is one of my new fave cleansers. It contains Vitamin C and Lactic acid which are both great for exfoliating and brightening skin. My skin always feels and looks smooth after each use. It also contains glycolic acid which is another awesome exfoliator that can also decongest the skin and improve the skin’s texture. The microbeads in this cleanser work to increase blood circulation which is great for resurfacing skin. I do like how radiant my skin looks after using this product and even better when I’m consistent with it throughout the week. While I love this product, I sadly won’t be repurchasing because I hate the packaging. It’s a pain every time I try to open it. I can’t quite tell if this is the case with all of them or if I just got a defective one. Buy it here $33 (currently on sale for $23)

organic skincare favorites
organic hyaluronic acid serum

By Sarah London Facial Oil

This facial oil contains only six ingredients but makes no mistakes, It works like a horse! I also received this in PR but I am so in love with it I would repurchase. It’s so mild and gentle but super hydrating and moisturizing. This oil leaves my skin super soft and plump! I love the Vitamin E in it as well- Vitamin E helps fight free radicals. I use this facial oil both daytime and nighttime. I’ve had many facial oils- check out some in my collection– but this is definitely one of my favorite ones! It’s the perfect skin care oil for this summer because it’s so lightweight and is a good source of topical antioxidants for the skin. Buy it here$21

Aer Hyaluronic Acid

I have two hyaluronic acids that I love. One is the custom serum from Activist Skincare. I’ve reviewed that product as well as my experience with Activist skincare in this post. The second Hyaluronic Acid serum that I really love is this one from Live Botanicals. I love how simple this serum is and how easily it absorbs into the skin. Most HA that I’ve used turn sticky upon application. I don’t get that at all with this product. It really doesn’t help plump the skin and hold in moisture. It has 5 ingredients and they all work so well to nourish the skin. I love that it contains tree hydrosol which works well to calm skin and help clear acne. Also contains aloe vera which is one of my fave skincare ingredients. Buy it here $30

Acure Brilliantly Brightening Facial Scrub

have tried some are products in the past which I wrote about in my affordable skincare posts. However, I don’t think I tried this scrub. I first saw one of my green beauty babes post this on Instagram. I may have been sleeping under a rock somewhere but I never heard of Acure’s new Welcome to Skin wellness line until now. This scrub reminds me of my higher end scrubs. It really gently scrubs off dead skin cells and leaves my skin super soft. I use it consistently 3x/week and can really see my skin glowing. This is my current go-to exfoliator. It is a lot like the Avalon Organics enzymatic scrub but this one is finer in my opinion. For under $10, this is golden! Buy it here $9.99

affordable natural skincare products
natural skincare acure

Dr. Haushcka’s Clarifying toner

At first, I didn’t like this toner but now, it’s grown on me. Even after using my regular toner, I still spray this on before proceeding with the rest of my skincare routine. I love that it keeps my skin smooth and seems to help control oil (not by much for me). I also notice that when I use it, it’s almost like an essence and the rest of skincare products absorb easier. For a clarifying toner, I expected it to be tingly and hard on the skin but this toner does the exact opposite. It is very gentle and easy on the skin. It’s almost like a hydrating toner. I love it. This product is formulated for oily/blemished skin. It claims to minimize blackheads and enlarged pores. While I’ve noticed that effect, I can’t 100% attribute it to this product alone. Buy it here $37

Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Serum

Once upon a time, I could boast about not having any breakouts. Since last year, my skin has been a lot more reactive. I break out regularly now and I can’t figure out what changed other than the fact that I eat a plant-based diet -_-.  I apply this product when I notice the onset of a breakout and I find that it helps minimize the size and helps it heal faster. I don’t really use it regularly because I don’t like the consistency after applying- it’s a little tacky and slightly thicker than I would like.

Interestingly, the review on this product is mixed online so consider that before purchasing if you’re interested.  I don’t use it regularly to recommend it, but when I do use it, I like it and have reached for it a lot in the last two months since I got it. It contains salicylic acid, coQ10, willow bark, vitamin c and aloe vera. Buy it here $30

That’s about it! I’mm stop here and share the rest in another post or perhaps in a video * wink wink*. Have you seen my youtube video? I recently shared a brief one on my journey to slow beauty, green living and minimalism. Check it out.




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