Skincare Collection 2: All Natural Face Scrubs For Oily Skin.

organic face scrubs for oily skin. All natural skincare products for oily skinHey hey hey! We’re talking all-natural face scrubs for oily skin today. To my new readers, this is part two of my skincare collection series. If you’re wondering what this whole thing is about, I’ll let you in. I’m currently cleaning out my skincare shelves since I’m planning a move to a new space. In the process, I thought I’d share some of the items in my collection. To prevent this from being one single epistle, I decided to break it down into different categories. The first category was the All natural face cleansers for oily skin.

Today, It’s all about face scrubs! I love face scrubs! It is an essential in my skincare regimen. And I have added quite a number of them to my routine.

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Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser

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I know this is a cleanser but, it works as a scrub for me. The regenerating cleanser has some tiny beads that work to clarify the skin and reduce black heads. The main benefit of face scrubs is to scrub out dead skin cells from skin’s surface and reveal new, fresh and radiant skin. I find that the microbeads in this cleanser do just that. That is why I am adding it to both the cleanser and the scrub group. When I use this scrub day and night throughout that week, I do not use other scrubs on my face. It truly does gently exfoliate your skin like a great scrub should. I have reviewed and mentioned this cleanser in a couple of posts HERE, HERE and HERE.

Avalon Organics Brilliant Balance Enzyme Scrub

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I found this scrub on one of my trips to TJmaxx. It was initially a gamble for me, but I am so glad I bought it. This is the third tube I am using and I will continue to buy and recommend this product. The scrubbing particles in this scrub are finely ground walnut shell. Not only does this exfoliate your skin, it also improves skin’s natural radiance. I tend to use this product 2-3x/ week on the weeks when I am not using my regenerating cleanser or any other scrub. The only thing I don’t like about this product is that it contains too many ingredients. I really prefer products with as minimal ingredients as possible. However, this is an affordable and great starter for anyone transitioning or on a budget.

Pai Copaiba Deep Cleanse AHA Mask

all natural face scrubs for oily skinThis is supposedly a mask but I decided to add it to the scrubs because I consider it a chemical peel. Chemical peels have found their way into our skin care community and I’m still learning about them. Like the Pai Gentle cleanser mentioned in the cleansers post, I bought this when my skin needed some extra TLC. I was quite excited because it contained AHA. Even though I knew about the benefits of AHA for most skin types, I didn’t have any product containing AHA and so this seemed like a great addition. The desire to add this to my regimen was undeniable.

I know Pai Skincare is a brand focused on providing quality and gentle skin care and I appreciate that. This product is formulated to “clarify and brighten skin in 10 minutes”.  I found this to be way too gentle for my skin. Honestly, I didn’t think this worked for me like I expected. For the price ($60/75ml), I just don’t think it’s worth it FOR ME. Remember, this product might work for others so don’t let this deter you! If you can find a sample to try it out, do so! It’s great for oily/combination skin.

Sanre Organic Skinfood Hibiscus Pure Exfoliating Cleanser

organic face scrubs for oily skinAnother cleanser that I have categorized as a scrub due to its appearance and texture on the skin. I love this product! I reviewed it and my other purchases from this brand in This Post. This scrub is rougher than a regular face scrub so you ought to be super gentle when “scrubbing” or massaging this on your skin. I couldn’t determine what the particles in this cleanser were from based on the ingredient list. This truly does leave my skin soft and fresh after each use. It is supposed to refine the skin and help even out skin tones.

organic face scrubs for oily skinThese are the top scrubs in my collection. I would keep everything on this list except for the Pai Scub. I just don’t think it does what I want a $60 scrub to do for me. In their defense tho, I haven’t used it consistently. But then again, they description says “it clarifies and brightens skin in 10 minutes” but I didn’t notice any brightness in 10 minutes. >_>.

Have you tried any of these products? Which do you like and would love to try?

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    • Yes, For the price and quality, the Avalon scrub is a good one! I definitely feel like this product is amazing for sensitive skin. I just don’t have sensitive skin so it feels like nothing on my skin *eye roll*

    • I love the sanre products. So far I love almost everything I have from the brand.

    • LOL Come shop from my skin care pantry. haha. I heard that as well for the Pai mask but I think its only really great for sensitive skin. I will give it another shot tho.