Skincare Collection 3: All-Natural Face Mist For Oily Skin.

Organic face mist for oily skinHello, my dears!

I seriously never know how to start a blog post. Do I say hello? Do I just go straight to the point? I need some tips here from seasoned bloggers.

Anyways, still on the skin care collection series. Today, it’s all about my collection of all-natural face mists for oily skin. However, this one is a little different. I haven’t had the opportunity to try all of the face mists but they are in my collection so I have to feature them. Never the less, I will let you know which I have tried and which I am looking forward to trying. Plus, I will let you in on what the claims for each of the products are.

If you missed part one and part 2 in this series, Here’s the link to catch you up on my All-natural Face cleansers for oily skin. Here’s the second link to my all-natural face scrubs for oily skin. Although most of the products featured are for oily skin, there are some that work for all skin types. Moreover, if you visit the links for each product you will find alternatives for your skin types if you do not have oily skin.

Starting out with my two Holy grails.

DIY Face Mist

DIY Face mist for oily skinI have to start with this one because it is my favorite. It’s made from ingredients in my kitchen. I started using this face mist about a year ago and it has stuck with me since. Prior to this, I have experimented with different concoctions. This one seems to be the one my skin loves the most. This face mist contains two simple ingredients: Organic Rose water and Aloe Vera Gel. (Comment or email if you need a recipe and how to. Plus where I purchase my rose water. High quality and very affordable).

The benefits of rose water are endless. For the skin, rose water can help control oil, balance pH and hydrate/moisturize the skin. It is also packed with antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties making it great for acne prone skin as well as dry and combination skin. Aloe Vera gel also has moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. It is packed with beta carotene, vitamin C and E both of which can hydrate and improve skin’s elasticity. It also helps fight acne.

Together these two products do magic for my skin. I may try various mists but I still turn back to this one. Both ingredients are always in my fridge ready to be used. Love Love Love this mist!

OSEA Malibu Sea Minerals Mist

all-natural-face-mist for combination skinSecond to my DIY mist is this Sea Minerals Mist. This product is great. It is a regular on my Instagram and has made it to a number of posts here on the blog. You can find the reviews in this post and some favorites post like Green Beauty Favourites and Ultimate Skincare Essentials.

What I love most about this product is that it is gentle yet very effective. I use it even after using my regular toners and it hydrates my skin so well. This product does very well to counter the drying effect of some of my face cleansers like the Sukin Purifying face cleanser. I never want to run out of this product. When I was running out of my last bottle, I was so nervous that this new bottle wouldn’t come in on time. LOL. yikes!

Ps: I love everything that I have tried from the OSEA Malibu brand. If you want to check them out, they are having a Labor Day sale (Ending 9/5/17), you get any of their Algae mask with any purchase of $125/more plus free shipping. Some of my favorite products from the brand include this sea minerals mist and the blemish balm which is my number 1 moisturizer (read this Product Showdown Review where I compared it to an even more expensive moisturizer). So yeah, I have few products that I call “bae” and this sea minerals mist is one of them. Must have for me.

And now the newer additions:

Elyse Marie Facial Mist

I got this in one of my subscription beauty boxes and have yet to give it a try. This is presumably one of the mildest face mists out there. It is suitable for all skin types and helps keep the skin clean. It works as an astringent to soothe, tone, tighten pores and balance the skin. They claim it can also be used to set makeup. What I like is that it is multi-functional and can be used when you need that extra moisture boost throughout the day. This is one of the products I haven’t tried yet but you bet I will be back here with a review for ya once I try all these products.

Herbivore Sea Mist

Also got this in one of my beauty boxes and haven’t tried it. I was initially turned off when I found it to be a hair spray for wavy hair. In case you don’t know… I’m black and have the kinkiest hair on the kinky hair spectrum. Even in my wildest dream, my hair can never be wavy and even if I straighten it and curl it, this mist on my hair will revert it back to its kinky texture. I settled on giving it to my little princess who has curly hair and then I read that this is also a body mist.

This sea mist works well to freshen and refresh your body. Its natural aroma is apparently also great for refreshing the air in a room. Its main ingredient is sea salt water which works to detox and cleanse skin. It also contains Aloe juice which hydrates, moisturizes and balances skin. Even though I haven’t used this product, I love that it’s so multifunctional. At this point in my life where I am seeking simplicity, multi purpose products are my go to buys.

All-natural face mist for oily skin
That’s it for my face mists. I am new to them and so far love them! I think I will be keeping all of these because I go through them so quickly. Have you tried any of these face mists? Which face mist is your fave? Is there one here you’d love to try? Which facial mists are you currently loving?

Have you tried any of these face mists? Which face mist is your fave? Is there one here you’d love to try? Which facial mists are you currently loving?

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  • Ha Ha, same here. Trying to sound smart in my posts (but it doesn’t always work). Anyway, great post. I have oily skin as well so it is more then welcome ?

    • I know! LOL Now, I just write like I am talking to my sister. So that really helps with the general flow of my blog.

  • LMAO @ I’m black and have the kinkiest hair on the kinky hair spectrum. I can so relate to that. I’ve never tried a face mist before but the DIY one sounds really good. I would also like to try the Mario Badescu one but I’m not sure if it’s all natural or not. xx
    Coco Bella Blog

    • LOL! I wouldn’t recommend the Mario Badescu one to anyone really. You want Rose water and rose water alone. That one comes with way more added ingredients that are just unnecessary tbh. Do check the ingredient lists, If it makes you comfortable, go for it. I personally wouldn’t use it. The DIY one is cheap and works very well. I bought the 32 oz bottle and have had it for a year. And barely used half the can.

  • I never know how to start a post either haha! I just go into it nowadays, or I try to inject some personality into it, but I don’t think it works! I told you about the ones I use on instagram, but your DIY sounds so good 🙂 I did try rose water once but it was the one you get from the supermarket (probably not so high quality), and I didn’t really like it. The OSEA one sounds amazing too xx

    Velvet Blush

    • LOL we have to find a way around this blogging struggle. And your recommendations on Instagram sounded so great! l