Affordable Green Beauty Boxes To Try

Beauty boxes are great! Whoever introduced them to us first did us all a favor. 

To be honest, I have not always been a fan of subscription boxes. I used to think subscribing to beauty boxes were a waste of money.  Today, I think I am becoming a fan. I haven’t subscribed to any yet but I am very interested and looking for the most affordable option to get me started.

Part of the reasons why I thought them to be a waste was because I just wasn’t sure that I would love the products included in the box.  To be real, I am a black woman; it’s stressful finding products especially makeup products that actually work on our skin without making us too ashy or way too dry/oily.

Another major turn off with beauty products was my lack of understanding of how they work. I did assume that they only sent you small sample products such as sachet samples. Personally, I am someone who needs to use a product more than three times to better ascertain how my skin responds to it. For that reason, sachet samples or “barely there” sample sizes tick me off.  Amazingly, I have learned that a lot of the beauty boxes actually contain some full sized products and a good size trial products.

The whole point of beauty boxes is to introduce you to new products and help you discover products and brands that you wouldn’t have otherwise known. For someone like me who is constantly on the lookout for beauty and skincare products and brands, beauty boxes seem like the perfect idea.

Moreso, the idea of signing up for beauty boxes sounds quite appealing. I love the idea of it feeling like self-gifting. Imagine getting these boxes delivered to you on the days when you feel down? LOVE IT!

So I am currently in the process of finding 1-3 beauty boxes to get me started. With picking the perfect beauty box, there are a few things that are a must for me. The subscription must be affordable; I’m talking below $30/month or bi-monthly. It also must be toxic-free; organic/all natural packaged sustainably with recycled papers or wastes and then be ethically sourced. The box must also mostly contain products that I’d love to try which is mostly skincare products. 

Surprisingly, there are so many green and toxic-free beauty boxes available within a sensible price range. For this post, I am only including boxes under $30/month. I believe $30 is a reasonable limit for the quality of items you’d be getting in each green box.

 So Here are the top boxes I will be starting out with. 

Vegan Cuts
Their subscription starts at $18.50/month. You get 4-7 products which are travel sizes, deluxe sample sizes, and full sized products. Their website states that the products are ‘mostly organic and natural’ so I’m suspecting that some boxes will contain products that aren’t 100% natural- something to be mindful of. They do not contain single used sachets (Phew). Products included are cruelty-free and vegan. Oh, and you can cancel your subscription at any time. Everything in their boxes sums up to around $30-80 so good value for $18.

Subscription starts as low as $22.50. Their box contains cruelty-free, natural and organic beauty, nutrition, lifestyle and healthy home products. Their products are also eco-friendly which I Love. A major plus with this one is that you are getting products for entire lifestyle beyond just skincare and beauty. This is particularly great for someone who is doing a lifestyle overhaul and needs help with all areas. They are sustainable and packed with eco-friendly materials. Woohoo!

Good Being 
Their subscription goes as low as $18. They mostly contain healthy beauty and wellness products. I love this one because it is personalized which means the products you get each month is selected by their experts based on your preferences. They also give you the option to select 1-2 products to include in the box each month. They include both makeup, skincare and hair products in their selection which is great. You do have the option to choose whether you prefer just beauty products, lifestyle or skincare, or a mixture of all of them. From checking them out, they seem to include high-quality beauty brands which is a big plus for me for the cost.

Petite Vour
Subscription starts at $15/month. Now, this is by far my favorite one; the one I will be signing up for first. They contain 4 products in each box-which totals over $30. Their products range from sample size to full sized. You don’t know what you are getting each month, so If you love surprises, this one is for you. The boxes may contain makeup, skincare, haircare and even nail care product. They do their best to include all natural and organic hypoallergenic products. From the website, they are toxic free, cruelty-free and vegan. The seem to have a huge brand selection on their website, quite impressive. This huge selection of even high end brands would make the surprise part of the subscription even more exciting if these brands are included. 

I will be doing a part 2 for this post featuring higher end and ‘splurge worthy’ subscription boxes. 

Do you have a beauty box subcriptio? If so, which ones are your favorite that you would recommend? I’d love to know!



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  • Hmm, you will let me know how you fair once you receive your first beauty box lovely.

    I am still a bit ..unsure about the whole thing. I like the sound of it though. So I definitely think a review is in order. ?❤️

    • Oh definitely! I was very skeptical- still am slightly, so I’m definitely looking forward to reviewing them. I signed up for two boxes from two different subscription companies so we’ll see. ??‍♀️