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Hi, I’m Asakemi. I’m a 20-something-year-old plant-based food lover and a Christian girl from Minnesota, USA.

Asakemi is my online space to share bits of my journey to a healthy, conscious, minimalist and sustainable lifestyle. This blog is your one-stop spot for everything organic. This includes organic skincare and cosmetics, product reviews, healthy lifestyle tips and so much more.

My goal for this blog is to share my journey while helping you see reasons to live a simple lifestyle. I am on a journey to liberate myself from:

Over the years, I have become aware of issues concerning my health, the toxins in common beauty & household products I use and how my lifestyle impacts other people as well as the planet. In my quest to create a beautiful life worth living, I have become aware and intentional about how I nourish and care for my body and redefined what truly matters.

What truly matters to me is my faith which is the foundation of everything that I am. I aim to live a compassionate lifestyle. A life that’s more than just me. A life that cares about others – people who make my clothes, who produce the food I eat and who provide the services I use.

My personal goal is to embrace simplicity and live a slow life full of worthy experiences. I hope to authentically enjoy living for more with less. 

As for this blog, I hope it nudges you in the same direction. I hope that something in this blog including product reviews, experiences shared and random musings inspire you to make more informed choices. I hope you find meaning in living the life that brings you authentic joy.

Should you have any question regarding anything on this blog, please feel free to email me: asakemisara@gmail.com

PS: I currently exclusively use organic/all-natural beauty products, I try to eat only organic products and do my best to use ethically sourced products.

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Lots of Love.

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