A Letter to Introverts on World Introvert Day

Dear Introverts,

I learned that today is World Introvert Day, so I thought I’d pen this quick note to you.

I want you to know that you have done well. First, you have grown to acknowledge that you are an introvert and there is nothing wrong with you. I marvel at how far you have come! Once, I was a little girl who would hide behind trees to avoid being seen by people. I couldn’t dance at birthday parties but instead sat and envied my siblings and friends shake the dance floor upside down. Now, I am witnessing myself grow into a confident adult woman who although shy and introverted, is finding her bearing and owning her space. I know you have your own stories….

I know how desperately you want to speak sometimes. Deep inside, you have so much to say, you have such a strong desire to bond with people and to relate with them and share all you have to say but somehow you just can’t find the strength to say anything most times. You worry constantly about being misunderstood because for most of your life the world has told you how to show up. I know the shame and discomfort that often comes with explaining why you are the way you are to people. Most people have attempted to fix you rather than understand you. They assumed you’re rude, mean and unfriendly. Still, you show up every day.

I see how much you value and cherish friendships. You are a loyalist and that is a great thing! I know that your loyalty is mostly because you value deep connections and want to create trust and authenticity with self and others. I also know that your loyalty is partly because you realize just how hard it is to grow those friendships in the first place. So you’d “ride and die” and do whatever it takes to keep friendships sailing.

My dear, I know how much you loathe small talks. You just want to recoil when people won’t stop talking mindlessly. You want deep conversations, but you somehow manage to engage people who offer nothing but mindless small talks. As exhausting as this may be, you do it over and over… you are resilient and I admire that about you.

Today, I honor you for how far you have come… I want to tell you some things I really love about you…

I love your desire to be better. You want to be more friendly, lovable and vulnerable. You don’t want to change who you are but you acknowledge some areas you could work on to improve your relationship with others. I love your ability to dig deep into places others may not be able. You bring a unique depth to friendships and relationships. I also love how deeply you feel even though you sometimes wish you didn’t feel so deeply. Your emotional depth is a big part of who you are and I admire that about you. We all need that kind of depth in relationships, thank you for bringing it so effortlessly.

I love how well you love people, how deeply you feel and how observant you are. Your love for honesty, authenticity, and vulnerability is admirable. I love how secure you are in your solitude. I love how you are able to notice the tiniest details.

Please remember that more people are on your side than you think. People admire you and want to be invited into your space. Let them in. I have been letting people in lately, and it is both challenging and lifegiving. It is a lot of work, but you are capable of it.

I see you, I feel you, I understand you!


Your fellow Introvert.

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  • Happy new year Asakemi! I’ve been here before so I can’t say first time here. Haha.

    Interesting letter. Growing up, I never knew there was anything called Extrovert or Introvert until I grew up and realized there were definitions for these terms and attitudes I found in me. I also love deep talk. When I find a fellow deep talker, we could talk for hours! loool.

    Girl! I feel things deeply! I could relate with some of these things you shared. But God has really helped me.

    And I feel so awkward sometimes.

    And you know the beautiful thing about all of these? I am changing and transforming from within. Because I am supposed to.

    God started to speak to my heart that I can be better. I can have his nature by laying down mine to take up His.

    I can step out of my comfort zone for a better formation ahead. Christ in Me! In the past I would boast about my temperament but I’m learning Christ is the temperament of the Godhead 😀 And this is God’s dream for me.

    So God wants to give me an upgrade from who I am into who he wants me to be. Because even my ‘good’ can’t suffice and is deeply flawed.

    But God’s good is perfect. And I want that. Not that I’ve completely recovered from the introvertish behavior but anytime I try to recoil back into my familiar shell, the HolySpirit reminds me of who I desire to become (Christ) and it makes me put in the effort. It makes me try regardless of my being misunderstood.

    Sorry for my long epistle. I also hope to do a post on this soon. I did in the past but since I’m starting anew, I’m trusting God for a better version of the old post.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. And I sincerely hope this comment isn’t misunderstood. lool.

    • Oh dear, Itunu!
      Your comment was so refreshing to read, and definitely not misunderstood. You definitely spoke to my heart. Like you, I am trying to let go of the need to recoil into my shell and shield myself with the temperament umbrella.
      We got this, by grace!