Hello! Welcome to my toxic-free blog!

WHO I AM: I am Asaake (pronounced A-Sha-Ke). It’s a Yoruba name which means Born/Selected to be pampered. I’m a 20-something-year-old woman living in the midwestern part of the USA and very passionate about living a balanced, healthy and intentional life.

WHAT I AM: I am a devout Christian girl and a grad student (Biological Science) who loves Emojis and everything organic including beauty, skincare, food, and tea. I am currently transitioning to a sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly lifestyle and will be documenting my journey on this blog. So expect to find things that are important to me such as my faith, healthy eating, intentional and ethical living, organic/natural skincare and haircare, product reviews and beauty tips. Also expect to find the little things that tickle my fancies such as random day-to-day encounters, photography, nature, and experiences seen through my lenses as I see beauty and grace in everything!

MY GOAL: I hope to fully transition to a 100% organic, all natural and toxic free lifestyle. I wish to get to a point where I only own, use and purchase products that are free of toxins, farmed and sourced ethically and produced sustainably. I hope I inspire you to do the same!

NEW POST DAYS: I will have new posts up every Tuesdays, and Saturdays. I may have random posts in between post days.


I really hope to build trust with my readers and so I am promising to be very honest with everything I post on this blog especially with products featured. I purchase most of the products featured on this blog with my own money. Please trust that I will always give my honest opinion on every review and will only recommend products that I love and would purchase with my money.


I use some affiliate links on this blog. However, I only use affiliate links for products that I love and would recommend. Use of Affiliate links will be disclosed at the beginning of each post. Should you purchase a product through the affiliate link, I may receive a (pretty) small commission at absolutely no cost to you! This will enable me to continue to produce good contents and keep this blog running. (Do note that asakemi.com participates in the Amazon Associates Program)

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